Thursday, December 5, 2013

Where Are All the Healthy Snacks in the Movies?

Movie Night
Why don’t movie theaters today have healthier snack options? Don’t get me wrong I love the popcorn (and that’s health if you don’t add a heap of butter and salt) and the other guilty goodies but why can’t we change the menu up a smidge? With everyone on a health kick nowadays, I believe it just makes sense by now that movie theatres would have aligned with the movement. 
Just about every restaurant and even fast food restaurant in America offers healthier food options and I feel like this should translate in the movie theaters as well. It’s bad enough that the price you pay to be gluttonous is almost like a $25 in snacks at the movies but it would sit so much better with me (literally and figuratively) knowing that I’m investing in my healthy for each buck.

An alternative menu I’m thinking of (the equal sign does not mean they are equal in calories!):
  • Hot Dogs = Vegan Dog, Veggie Burger or Turkey Burger
  • Nachos =  Small garden salad or Caesar salad w/dressing, veggie sticks & sliced apple packs with your choice of dipping sides in peanut butter, greek yogurt or low-fat ranch dressing, hummus
  • Candy(ies) = Sugar-free candy, yogurt cups, cottage cheese w/fruit on the bottoms, nuts, apple sauce, fruit cup, parfait w/fruit
  • Soda = Smoothies! Veggie and/or fruit smoothies
  • Popcorn = Popcorn is healthy without all the extra stuff or minimal inclusion of it but think about, veggie chips, pita chips w/hummus, kale chips, sweet potato chips, crackers & cheese w/grapes or sliced cured meat
  • Pizza = Veggie pizza or flatbread pizza, fruit pizza
Would you eat healthier at the movies if these or other healthy menu options were made available to you or nah?

Photo courtesy of Christopher Blodgett

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