Monday, January 13, 2014

For me, the sound of childhood is....

Childhood revisited 

 L A U G H T E R....

My older brother and I had an amazing childhood! Our imagination was huge and you could not tell us that we weren't a part of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers crew (I knew I was really the yellow ranger). Fighting off putty's and evil Rita's spells were the norm for us and building our fort as our makeshift commander center was the best.

I miss this so much!  Saturday morning cartoons consisted of Captain Planet, Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny & Friends, Smurfs and a heaping stack of waffles with sweet Karo syrup. This was my dream! Everyday was an adventure! We risked our lives climbing the tallest trees or jumping off the highest point on the playground AND being stunt devils on our bikes (I had a little Mermaid bike till I crashed it smh). We were active kids, my brother loved soccer as a kid (and still loves it now but he also did karate, Boy Scouts, swimming, golf, track) and I pretty much tried everything he did plus other stuff (soccer, ballet/jazz/tap, swimming, competitive baton twirling, gymnastics, cheer leading just to name a few!)

The very first time I took a plane was by myself to visit my aunt in Connecticut (I was only 12), the next thing I knew, I was on a plane that following year at the age of 13 to visit Europe for the first time with my French class. Meanwhile, my brother had already had this experience with his French class but they went to Morocco first and later, he spent a part of his summers in France with his best friend at his best friend's Grandmother house.

Our family trips to Florida every summer as kid were awesome! Visiting Disney World, Epcot and Island of Adventure were an absolute must. My brother and I also spent the other part of summer with our Grandmother too in the country. She use to try to teach me to sew clothes for my dolls but I could never sit put...I liked being outside more but it wasn't always good for my then asthma compounded with my allergies smh (my allergies still suck!). Oh how I wish I concentrated more because I would have be an epic seamstress like her. Did I mention I loved watching her cook and bake? I miss her food!

We made a lot of memories around the holiday's too! It may sound weird to some but my family didn't start celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas in our house until I was 13 or 14 years old. Before that time, we always spent them away either at my Grandmother's in the country or in NYC! Anyone that knows me, knows that NY has a special place in my heart!

There were no limitations on how we imagined or played. Our parents encouraged it! We loved, we cried sometimes, we fought but out of it all we LAUGHED a lot. That's what childhood is about making the best memories with your family. I'm very blessed and fortunate that I have these memories to cherish for a lifetime till I have my own family someday.

Photo Courtesy of Anirban Jyoti

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