Monday, January 27, 2014

My Gripe on Award Shows

Honestly, I enjoy reading award show commentary on social media more than I do watching the actual program these days. Furthermore, I only watch the red carpet fashion because that’s usually all I can tolerate (and sincerely enjoy) at this point. If it’s a performer(s) I would like to see, I might tune in for a few minutes to watch but other than that you can miss me with the rest of the program. Some of my acerbic comments are in lieu to the fact that I feel as though a lot of quality actors, musicians, artists etc. are nominated (in some cases not even nominated) but in most cases, end up snubbed.

Also, the quality of programming these days has gone down tremendously and I think it’s due to the fact that many of these artists/actors are TIRED themselves of being a part of dry productions that don’t fairly depict or honor their peers as they deserve. Oh and the HOST is everything! If your host is dull, then expect low ratings because people want to see someone who is entertaining. The host quarterbacks the show so they determine the success of it.

Until these award shows wake up, they’ll continue to see a decline in ratings or they’ll continue to be ridiculed on social media. These nomination committees have got to become more diverse (i.e. talent, skills, AGE, race, sexuality, gender etc.) and make fairer decisions about who is deserving of an award. It’s becoming too much of a game of favorites or who is more mainstream then others etc. Finally, the programming staff (again, diversity in talent, skills, AGE, race, gender etc.) for these award shows need to stretch themselves creatively in putting together a quality show. 

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