Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What do you wish you could take time out to do?

Plane / Travel / Sky

I wish I could take time out to just travel! I'm obsessed with learning about different cultures and now a days, a book and pictures just don't fill my insatiable appetite for the experience. Of course there is a cost associated with anything that we do, so naturally, it's a dream that I'm gradually seeing become a goal annually.

The other challenge is that I'm use to being a solo traveler in the States without problem but internationally, there is a twist. Technically, the first time I went overseas was by myself because I didn't have my a parentals with me (I was on a school trip with my French class) so I've kind of done it before but as an adult, I haven't tried it...yet but I'm becoming open to this idea now.

Finding a dedicated travel partner isn't easy to come by either! Money, time and openness vary from person to person and I've learned that everyone isn't about THAT life. I'm just being honest!

Traveling has got to be my favorite hobby of all time. If you haven't been anywhere before, make it a goal to go somewhere. Start small and then go BIG!

Photo Courtesy of Flickr.com/By Cuba Gallery

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