Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine’s Day is for Men Too!

Valentine Overload

I hear so many ladies get excited for Valentine’s Day but what about the guys? Who died and declared Valentine’s Day another women’s holiday? Whether guys admit it or not, they do like to feel appreciated, needed and loved too so make sure he genuinely feels that from you.While you may be expecting flowers, candy (maybe jewels) and dinner, do the unexpected for HIM. Everyone says Valentine’s Day should be everyday (which I agree) but that also requires you to step it up just a bit on Valentine’s Day. There is no need to break your pockets either! In fact there are plenty of romantic things you can plan for your sweetie, here are four ideas:
  1. Cook/Bake his favorite food/sweets. If you don’t know how to do either, please try to learn one day but V day is NOT the day! LOL For now, stick to take out of his favorite meal or pick up cupcakes from bakery.
  2. Send him flowers at work with a sexy note. Just like he found his way to your heart, make him find his way to you on Valentine’s Day. A good ole romantic scavenger hunt to find you is so fun! You know your guy best so you’ve got to get creative with clues.  If not flowers, send a fruit arrangement instead!
  3. Leave him love notes. Take it back to the old school days of writing your lover notes. There is still something so romantic and sweet of really writing out how you feel. Now, if your handwriting is chicken scratch, then type it! LOL (he’ll understand why).  They don’t have to be long notes but just short snippets of how you feel about him and leave them in creative places for him to discover randomly (i.e. stick one inside his laptop, in his coat pocket, in his wallet, near his keys etc.)
  4. Get him a gift too. Yes, get him a gift too! LOL Depending where you are in your relationship and how you feel, buy him something that you think he will love---not something that will attract dust. Thinking about gifting something memorable! Whether it’s a watch, a nice wallet, tickets to a game/concert., a collector’s item, a weekend getaway, etc get something special for him too.

I have more ideas but I can’t drop all my gems on you guys LOL!  Enjoy your V-day loves! Xo

Photo Courtesy of Flickr.com/By Jan

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