Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Greatest Stress Reliever is...


COOKING! Believe it or not, I find the kitchen to be my oasis (and sometimes my enemy..hehe). After an arduous work week and personal stuff, I sincerely enjoy just cooking barefoot. If it's a rough week, then I might even bake--it just depends! Managing your stress level is important. Stressing isn't healthy even though we all do it but there are ways to manage it better--you just have to find what works for you. Some people choose the gym, running or even painting. Whatever you pick, make sure it is something you enjoy and clears your head!

Random thought...I have a huge obsession with kitchens, bathrooms and closets! These rooms have to be on point at all times. If the zen of these spaces don't flow, then I can't dwell in them. For the record, this isn't my kitchen but one can dream :-)

Photo Courtesy of LittleMissAirGap

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