Monday, June 23, 2014

10 Things I'd Like to Learn

Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know. 
1) Learn to speak a different language fluently- FrenSpanglish doesn't count!
2) Tie a tie and or a bow tie- I learned years ago while I worked in a male clothing store but I forgot!
3) To cornrow-OMG! This is my life struggle as a Naturalista
4) To sew/hem-I know how to sew on buttons but learning how to hem or just sewing in general would be fun!
5) Bake a cake from scratch- box cakes are cool but making things from scratch is a good skill to have I think!
6) To fly a helicopter-well maybe I'll just leave it at flying in one first
7) To grow my assets/diversify my portfolio- anyone know of a good financial advisor?
8) Learn how to love-I've tried it but I don't think I really KNOW how
9) Learn how to make a cultural dish from scratch-homemade pasta noodles anyone?
10) To ride a motorcycle-I've always talked about owning a bike someday so I need a license and training first LOL

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