Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Is Beyonce' the Michael Jackson of Our Time?

Some know her as Queen Bey others might refer to her as KING Bey but majority of the world fondly knows her as B e y o n c e'. It's no secret that she been the "number one diva in the game for a minute" and with her loyal Beyhive behind her, it looks like she is reigning as one of the world's most influential people. According to Forbes.com, Beyonce' IS the number one celebrity of Forbes Celebrity 100 and I must say she has earned the title well. Beyonce' is not only a business woman but she has effectively established herself as a household brand. Some would say she has the Midas touch where anything she touches turns into honey gold!

Her quadruple-threat talents of modeling, acting, dancing and singing have landed her huge endorsements with Pepsi, H&M to her own fragrance and clothing/accessory lines. While it might be unknown to some, Beyonce' also has a heart for giving back especially with a special focus to women and girls. It's evident that nothing was ever given to Queen Bey though! She most certainly had to work tirelessly like everyone else to make her dream come true, experience failures and detours as well even traumatic experiences to get where she is today.  I can go on and on about Beyonce' and her long list of achievements has a mother, wife, sister, daughter, businesswoman and philanthropist but what struck me today was if Beyonce' could be the Michael Jackson of our time?

I sincerely believe starts are born everyday but icons are only given to us in rare bouts. Michael Jackson and Beyonce' may have had different upbringings in how they discovered their gifts but they both knew very early in their lives that they had a bigger purpose to fulfill, not just in music but to the world. Before you all attack me about my comparison, hear me out about how there are similarities in how they have changed the impact of music. Ahhh, the late Michael Jackson! He is and will forever be the KING of Pop, let that be known first. Michael Jackson did change music (all music for that matter) and continues to have a presences in today's music.

The main reason Michael Jackson will forever be an icon/legend to this world is because Michael had a heart for people. He believed his music healed lives and moved mountains that some thought could never be moved. His music gave you hope, fun, love but most of all comfort. I can't forget to mention he was light on his feet and he made the Moonwalk look easy (it's not, unless you are wearing socks on hardwood floor kind of). Outside of music, Michael was a devoted father and he gave back to this world in his time by being a humanitarian. He spoke on world peace and visited nations around the world to help be an ambassador for peace in change in various underdeveloped countries. He simply just loved people! Selling out arenas from every region in the world was the norm for him while fans sang along every song lyric. He too had lucrative endorsement deals, an expansive business portfolio as well as heard several accolades for being one of the world's most influential people. Again, I could go on and on about all of Michael achievements but the very thing that remain the same between Beyonce and Michael is they have changed the world.

Of course the amount of album sales, Billboard mentions, Grammy's etc. aren't always things people remember off hand, people remember how you made them feel! How does Michael Jackson's "Thriller" make you feel when you first hear the beat drop? Or how does Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" make you feel when you hear that first note? See, that's what people remember! Rightfully so, they each have earned their royal ranks in entertainment and they will continue to

Update: Did you all hear that Queen Beyonce' is receiving the honest award honor at this year's VMAs? She receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award! How spot on am I with this post yay me!

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