Monday, October 27, 2014

Beyonce + Topshop Join Forces for an Activewear Line


We all know Beyonce' has "been the number one diva in the game for a minute" but now she has set her royal sights on taking the activewear industry by storm.

KING Bey has inked a 50/50 partnership with the British based retailer, Topshop to create her new line, Parkwood Topshop Athletic, Ltd. Anything Beyonce' touches literally turns into honey gold so I know that we can expect a high-quality fashionable line. If you follow King Bey than you know she's a big fan of the Topshop brand so it just makes sense that she would put this collection out with them.

According to Vogue (UK), the line will include "clothing, footwear and accessories across dance, fitness and sports." This is exciting news considering most activewear today gets lost in giving off a sporty-look but she's thinking of versatility (and longevity) because fitness is forever. Plus, she is also probably the best muse for her own line considering she'll be designing with the Beyhive (her fans) in mind who comes in all shapes and sizes. I bet Miss. Tina and Solange will be right by her side giving her creative input! Hey, Mama Tina, hey! Hey, Solange girl! You know designing runs in their lineage!

Furthermore, Beyonce' is an expert in branding (I mean she's made herself a household name...WORLDWIDE) and now her new line will be seen as a global lifestyle brand. I'm excited to see what Beyonce' and Topshop cook up. This collection will surely sell out!

Ok so what has Beyonce' not done? Perfumes (check), clothing line (check), movies (check), documentaries (check), sold out shows WORLDWIDE (check), covers of top magazines (check), performed for world leaders and major events (check), philanthropist (check) and the list goes on....hmmm I wonder if she would ever do Broadway or a Vegas set? How about a cookbook?

Go Bey, go!

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