Thursday, October 23, 2014

Have You Watched Nail'd It?

If you love color, creativity and all things nails then you have to watch "Nail'd It!" This new hot show on Oxygen has quickly captured my attention because it's like watching someone create mini nail masterpieces before your eyes. The show is hosted by the effervescent "The Real Daytime Show" Co-host/Singer/Actress, Adrienne Bailon who takes you on a exciting journey to see nail designers work their magic on TV. The competition is intense as each nail designer faces off with their peers on two challenges but only one walks away with the winning title and $10,000 dollars! Each week there is a new nail designer winner but they all are prepping for the BIG face off where one nail designer will walk away with a $100,000 check and bragging rights of course. I am huge fan of the show and I wouldn't mind being a client on one of these challenges (Hey Oxygen hey!).

By far the coolest and probably most challenging nail creation I've seen so far has to be the nail bouquet elimination challenge. Basically, each nail designer was given only six hours to create a set of nails that when their bride brought their hands together (like as if they are holding real flowers) the nails interlocked with each other and looked like a real bouquet. It's fascinating what can be created with nails especially in a short amount of time. I can't wait for next weeks episode!!

"Nail'd It" airs on Tuesdays nights on Oxygen so check you local listings for all of the nail fun.

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