Monday, November 17, 2014

Have you been to the 13th Floor Baltimore?

It's not everyday that I write about my foodie adventures but I have to say I had one of the WORST customer services experiences at the 13th Floor Baltimore, Md. (also known as the Owl Bar). The name already has a negative connotation attached to it considering some people are superstitious about the number 13 which correlates with being bad luck. If you aren't familiar with The 13th Floor, it is located in downtown Baltimore, inside of the Belvedere Hotel. It's funny how this restaurant uses the tagline "Lucky You" when in fact, there was nothing lucky about my recent experience.


  1. The restaurant has beautiful panoramic views of Baltimore and it almost makes you feel like you're in a glass jewelry box looking out to shiny gems (or in this case a lit up town). 
  2. They have live music (jazz to be exact) so it sets the mood of being a classy atmosphere. You can even dance to the sweet tunes if you want!
  3. It's a small floor (the whole floor is the restaurant & bar) so there is a sense of intimacy. You won't have to worry about too much of a rowdy crowd, this is for a more mature audience.
  4. The duck fat fries were amazeballs!

  1. Service is extremely slow! Like I said it's not an large restaurant nor was it that busy but don't bet on getting a drink order (not even a glass of water) in the first 10 mins. Nope! You'll likely have to get up and ask a hostess/host to find your server. 
  2. This place is strictly a small bites type of restaurant (this didn't bother me) but the menu is extremely limited. Also, I really wanted to try the mussels but they were out of them by 9:00pm??? It really grinds my gears when restaurants run out of something that they know is a popular dish on the menu. Maybe if the server was more attentive, I could have gotten an order in before they were out. 
  3. The BARTENDER has the worst attitude EVER! Like I said, I waited for a very long time to even get a drink order in and once I got my drink (wine), he shorted me on my pour. After waiting again to speak with my server who never came around, I decided to go to the bar to get this corrected. Instead of making the situation right, he gave me an attitude then he decided to give me a lesson in pouring AND he asked other customers for THEIR opinion on the amount I was given. He was a straight up a$$hole! He claims he gave my table extra pours because of the wait (everyone received this but me, I even asked him to come to the table to see how he poured everyone else's glasses) and all I wanted was for him to make it right and be fair but instead he decided to be A-Hole about it. He eventually gave me two extra oz but it left me EXTREMELY annoyed. I asked for a manger which brings me to point #4.
  4. I asked for a manager ALL night after this episode! I explained the situation to my server who was nice about it but still didn't send the manager. The hostess even came to ask if the bartender ( I think his name is Dean) came by and the manager and I said "no" and she still didn't send anyone. I kept getting excuse after excuse that the manager might be busy but no manager showed up! As a paying patron, it should not be my job to seek out a manager when I have an issue with my dining experience. The matter should have been addressed promptly and they failed to put the customers needs first in this situation. This is something that I do not take lightly so I resorted to writing this post. 
  5. The food was meh! There was nothing overwhelmingly great. I tried the nightly special of bacon wrapped scallops but the dish was kind of cold when I got it. I didn't order anything else because at this point, I was OVER IT. 
Based on Yelp, this place has a mixed bag of reviews. I'm a huge stickler for customer service and since the manager never came by my table, I felt the need to put it out there for those of you who might be interested in visiting this place (still would have wrote about them anyway). I will NEVER dine here again so beware.

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