Monday, November 10, 2014

Music Monday's: Sade

I absolutely love SADE! There is something about her voice that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Honestly, when I've had rough day or I feel like zoning out, her music is my go-to for some sweet tunes. The reason I believe I love her so much is that she's just a dope Capricorn like myself, Her energy is magnetic yet she's mysterious and a BOSS at the same time so you can't help but admire her and her musical gifts.

Anyhoo, I was in a music kind of mood today so I thought I would dedicate this music monday to this gem! The hardest part is picking just one Sade song but I have to say "No Ordinary Love" spoke to me as I was typing this post and I really love the music video for this song because she's a mermaid! 

Did I mention that I have a slight obsession with mermaids and in case you are wondering, yes, I was a huge "Little Mermaid" fan growing up. LOL


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