Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#NaBloPoMo: Finding Your Voice on Your Blog


11/5- Prompt: Do you feel you have found your voice on your blog? What techniques have you tried to develop your voice in your writing? What are some characteristics of your personality in your writing?

Overall, I feel like my blog serves as a platform to amplify my voice. I’ve always been a fearless, opinionated and REAL person so my blog just helped me further share my two-cents with the world. My blog started almost five years ago (Nov. 20 is the official anniversary) and it was birthed when blogging was a new concept to the digital world. Not knowing much about blogging at first, it helped me fulfill my love to write as well as fine-tune my voice over the years.

To date, I believe reading anything and everything (tried and true method for all writers) has been my greatest technique to develop my voice. With so much going on in the world today, it’s hard not to read something without having an opinion on it and I share it here on my blog. Another great technique that has helped me develop my voice is studying similar blogs like my own to see how their voice translates on their blog. For example, a blog I love to follow is Awesomely Luvvie! Not only does she have her own Luvvie-speak but she’s also exudes her personality through her blog which makes it exciting (and entertaining) to hear her voice her opinions on different topics. 

 Over the years, I too believe that I’ve developed a personality to coincide with my blog and it certainly has matured over the years. The most important thing I’ve learned in developing my blog personality is to ensure that the delivery is always true to who you I am! With this in mind, I try to use a correct balance of wit and seriousness on my blog to keep things interesting for my readers.

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