Monday, November 3, 2014

#NaBloPoMo: Imaginary Pitch for an Amazing Brand/Org

                  NaBloPoMo November 2014

11/3-Prompt: Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you'd love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?

I’d love to work with an organization that created the first flying car. As a kid, I remember there was so much talk about what life would be like in Y2K and while we don’t have flying cars (yet) I think it would be pretty cool to work with this type of imaginary organization.

Their pitch would have looked something like this:

Subject: Relax and take flight in our Fly-Mobile!  

Dear XXXX,

The term “sky miles” just took on a whole new meaning! If you ever thought of riding in style in the first flying car, look no further because “The Fly-Mobile” is set to take flight May 20XX. Engineered by the by the makers of XXXX, the “Fly-Mobile” has been designed with the everyday person’s commute in mind.  The Fly-Mobile is undergoing rigorous safety test and training modules at this time to ensure that is will integrate seamlessly into the flight plans of FAA.  

After visiting your blog, we’ve gathered you cover a variety of topics especially as it relates to travel and we feel the Fly-Mobile would make a great addition to your blog!
If you are interested in learning more about Fly-Mobile or interviewing the designers of this product, please feel free to contact me so we can set something up on your schedule.

A sample of my post would be something like this:

 If you are a full-time student or a working professional, your commute to A to B just became easy as 1-2-3. Pigs may not be flying yet, but it appears cars do! That’s right, the “Fly-Mobile” engineered by XXXXXX has taken an innovative approach in technology to make life simpler in traveling.  I never thought in my XX years of life I would finally know what it feels like to live like the Jettison Family dream!

The “Fly-Mobile” is set to release May 20XX and it is in the works of undergoing the final phases of safety/training to make it available nationwide (worldwide eventually). The thing that shocked met the most is the affordability of this vehicle because it only retails for XXXXXX! It seems like a dream worth pursing especially if you are an avid traveler like me!  This has completely simplified my life tons to know that this type of transportation exist...

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