Friday, November 28, 2014

NaBloPoMo: What Television Show Would I Be Apart of Today?

Prompt: If you could be a cast member on any television show, which one would it be? Tell us about your character.
Being on TV would definitely be out of my comfort zone but I'm up for a challenge. If I could be a cast member on any television show, I would be apart of Andrew Zimmerman's "Bizarre Food" on the Travel Channel. I love to travel and I love watching Zimmerman's cultural exchanges with people from all parts of the world. While he is an aficionado of exotic cuisine, I wouldn't mind be apart of the ride to witness maybe even try some of these authentic dishes. 

For me, I would more so want to be apart of the journey because I think it would be nice to a woman of color on TV to tell their story of their travel adventures with the world. For some reason, I think there is this unspoken myth that people of color don't travel (or not as much) and I believe I could eradicate that myth as well as bring a fresh perspective to my travel adventures/cultural exchanges.  

It was really hard to choose one show!

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