Friday, November 14, 2014

World Premier: Aaliyah Biopic to Debut on Lifetime

Welp! The time is near (tomorrow to be exact) when the whole world will see the Aaliyah movie! Now if you do not know who the "Princess of R&B" is than I need you to take a moment and read up on her royal highness, affectionately known as "Babygirl."

Although, it has been 13 years since Aaliyah has passed, I can't help but feel bittersweet about this movie. For some reason, I'm not completely sold on supporting the movie (there was lots of controversy about creating this movie in the first place) but also, I feel like it's still too soon. She truly was the epitome of style, grace and talent all rolled into one while having the moves and an angelic voice that can't be replicated by ANY of today's artists. NOPE, not a single one!

Aaliyah was definitely "one in a million" and while her time here on earth was short lived, her music has lived on in the hearts and ears of many around the world. She is loved, treasured and valued by so many especially by her family and friends! I think that's why there has been a mixed bag of emotions about the film because most of us (her fans) feel very protective of her and how she is (and her life) is portrayed in this film. Not only was she a triple-threat, she was on the verge of building a successful empire that could have easily been a multi-million dollar kingdom.

I'm not sure if I'll be watching tomorrow night but eventually, I will because I am curious to see how all of this comes together. Aaliyah is still one of my favorite artist of all time so the connection runs deep for me.

The world premier of "Aaliyah: Princess of R&B" airs on Lifetime at 8pm on November 15th. Check your local listing for channel information.

Will any of you be watching? What are your thoughts on this movie?

*Update as of 11/17/14* I could not bring myself to watch the movie after all. Based on the comments I've read or heard about the movie, this film fell short in  depicting Aaliyah as an iconic singer, actress and dancer. I pray one day that a better movie truly tells her story and shares her REAL gifts with the world. 

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