Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Enjoy Your Relationship Offline

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With technology ruling most of our lives, it's very easy for it to also interfere with the relationships we have with each other. We've all either seen, witnessed or experienced relationships be torn a part by a split second decision to post our thoughts and emotions for everyone to see. In most cases, we aren't thinking with a clear head when we feel someone has done us wrong in the relationship without even thinking about the repercussions of our actions.

With all of this in mind, I believe the best way (and most healthy way) to have a relationship is to live it offline. Personally, I've always valued being a private person and to those I care about deeply, I value them too much to put all of our information out there (even if it's a break up because at some point in the past we meant something to each other!). In the digital age, we are EXPECTED to share everything that we do every waking second and when you don't, you're ridiculed for it.

:Sidebar:  No shade but can you believe since the inception of Instagram, I've managed to NEVER activate an account??? I would only consider it for business terms but never for personal reasons.

As a result, I've never been a firm believer of sharing matters of the heart with everybody and honestly, I prefer the less you know about me the better. You've got to save certain aspects of your life for yourself!! When you start sharing information with the world, you give people free access to comment (I'll never understand why people get upset about comments from people when YOU put it out there first) or judge your situation. If you don't want opinions/comments/judgments, don't put your business out there. Also, it also invites people into your relationship that really have no business being apart of it, so again, less is better.

Some may argue that social media gives them a place to "keep it real" because they have nothing to hide and while we all welcome transparency, it leaves some to think about the authenticity or genuineness of your approach. Also, it might come off as opportunity to put on a show for people or humiliate the other person so you just have to tread lightly on your deliverance.

It's okay to be a little selfish in how you share information when it comes to matters of your heart because once you open that door, you're more susceptible to drama when you share it with the world.

Enjoy your privacy people! Privacy = Peace.


Photo Courtesy of Flickr.com/By Tony Stalres

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