Monday, December 15, 2014

How to Celebrate the Holidays Alone

Holiday Happiness 
With all the season of giving and cheer in full swing, it might be hard to be "merry" when you're solo this holiday season. Don't get down about it though because there is plenty you can do to still enjoy yourself.

1) Go to holiday parties! Make sure that you mix and mingle at social gatherings. It's possible that you'll meet other singles there who are looking to meet someone like you. Just watch out for that mistletoe :)

2) Enjoy spending time with loved ones and dear friends! You don't have to be alone on the holidays if you don't want to. Make your rounds in visiting those you who care about you the most. As long as there is hot coco, movies and food, you're bound to have a good time! Don't forget to take pictures!

3) Host a Friendsmas! You may not be the only one alone on the holidays so if you have friends or close coworkers who aren't going home for the holidays, why not create some memories with them. Make it fun too! You can have an ugly Christmas sweater party and/or white elephant gift exchange. Bake cookies, drink yummy booze and dine on some delish dishes potluck style and you're sure to have a blast.

4) Travel! Why not travel to an exotic place for a change? Nothing says "me" time like a warm and tropical environment to just decompress from your day to day hustle and bustle. Splurge a bit too! Book an appointment for a mini-makeover, a massage on the beach and enjoy paradise. If not tropical, try Europe! I've always heard one of the best times to travel to Europe is during the winter months.

I hope these ideas lifted your spirits! Xo

Photo Courtesy of Dave Smith

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