Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Made w/ Code Google Fun!

You never know what Google is going to come up with next but the "Made w/ Code Google" activity is lighting up the way for girls around the nation to enjoy the art of coding! Google takes you step by step to create a "Holiday Lights" tree (as you see above) that will light up with other trees during the Nation's Capital tree lighting ceremony Dec. 4th.

It's more than building a tree GIF. on your own but it's the first step in getting more young girls into coding. There is such a great need to get young girls and women exploring careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (better known as STEM) and Google has been a huge advocate in leading the charge. The fun doesn't stop there either! There are plenty other activities and resources available. This is a super cool effort and I'm here for it! Go Google Go!

Want to make your own tree? Check out "Made w/ Code" Google now to make your own.

Happy coding everyone!

GIF created by yours truly via Google "Made w/ Code" 

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