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The Lipstick Memoir was created on November 20, 2009 by yours truly mlle. A.L. but I didn't begin blogging seriously until the beginning of 2010. Originally, I created this blog as a "fun" hobby but it quickly transformed into an opportunity to continue my love for writing.

My blog covers: fashion, pop culture, health/wellness, love/relationships and of course random thoughts of  a 20-something (think of these "random" items as wildcard opportunities).

The goal of this blog is simple: to entertain, empower and enlighten my readers with my two-cents about life as I know it...so far.


The Lipstick Memoir has received an all-time readership of over 16,446 (as of 7/2/2014) site visits and counting.
Monthly Readership: 550-650+* site visits
*These numbers vary month to month. Detailed analytic report can be provided upon request.  

 Every shade of lipstick has a story, what's yours? -The Lipstick Memoir oX!

Want to collaborate or got an opportunity? Contact me at thelipstickmemoir@gmail.com

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