Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Seasons are Changing

fall leaf

 In my twenty-something years of life, I have learned that relationships/friendships come and go. I’ve always correlated this closely with my faith because I believe that we live in seasons throughout our life. As the good book says, “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Eccle. 3) and as I grow older and wiser, I believe this to be true in many facets of my life. In particular, I’ve experienced a small shift in my friendships. I’ve seen people come and go and while it’s not always easy to cope with the change, I believe it’s necessary to take us to the next level in our lives.

 Sometimes it isn’t clear to us when these changes occur but they always seem to happen at the right time. In my heart of heart of hearts, it takes too much energy to be combative, instead, I choose to smile through it (or distance myself) and cherish the ones who have never left my side. Whatever the case maybe, spend your time being happy with those who care about you and who desire to be a part of your life because after all, (outside of family) your friends are some of the people you fall back on in times of need.

At the end of the day, life is too short so choose to live it up with some of the people you love most and create awesome memories!

P.S. Fall is my absolute favorite season!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thank you to 17,010 readers so far!

I am overwhelmed, excited and surprised to see these stats of blog traffic! My blog started almost five years ago and to date, I've had over 17,000 (about 5,000 per year and about 400 a month) visitors which is totally awesome. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! It may seem like a small feat to some but I proud of myself for sticking it out in the blogging world this long. When I started this blog, I wasn't at all familiar with blogging or it's purpose but I quickly fell in love with having complete creative control to express my thoughts on our world today. Today, I'm still striving to be a better blogger so I can take this thing to the next level.

Even the midst of hiatuses (or writer's block moments), you all have stuck around for the ride and  I truly appreciate this so much!

As my readers, I'm always looking for room to improve so leave me a note down low to let me know what you all would like to see in the future!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Something on My Heart

I never said I was a perfect person nor do I want to be (I don't need extra pressure...thanks!). In fact, I can openly admit that I'm not always the greatest person to myself or others but I'm really not here to make this post a pity party. Instead, I'd like to think of it as me opening up my heart for a moment to just accept what I cannot change and learn from my mistakes. My pride at times gets the best of me (headstrong Capricorn here) and sometimes it has a tendency to clutter my thoughts, my actions and even my choices in life. Because I am aware of this issue, it's times like these where I feel the need to come clean for my own sanity and tonight, I had a break through!

It's true what they say, you never know what you had until it's gone! However, if it's meant to be then it will find it's way back to you. In particular, when you've met someone or built a friendship with someone who has tugged on one of your heart strings, it's hard to forget those types of people. In fact, it is said you should work very hard to maintain that relationship. However, it can be challenging at times when someone you care about becomes influenced by others around them (without them knowing most of the time) or lost in sauce of life but somehow you have to fight for those relationships. Even if you have to put a little distance between you and the other person, it's okay to just love on them from a far.

One thing I've learned is people may forget what you said, people may forget what you did but they will never EVER forget how you made them FEEL! This has got to be one of the truest lessons I've learned so far in my adulthood. The only way you can make a sour relationship sweet again is by taking that first step to reverse how you made that person feel (and this takes time!).

No one said life would be easy! Everyday that we wake up is a new opportunity to set the record straight. As long as you make the time, then anything is possible. Life is short y'all, so choose to LIVE ALWAYS!  Xo

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lights, Camera, NY FASHION WEEK!

Who is ready for fashion week? From the backstage mayhem to the catwalks, New York Fashion Week celebrates the incoming of a new fashion season. By far Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has been known to draw the attention of many for its eclectic vibes of lush garments, dynamic catwalk design, vibrant textiles and one-of-a kind concepts. Sitting on the front row of shows has got to be the hottest tickets to get in town right now and the thought of making any fashion faux pas is simply not acceptable this week (correction, fashion faux pas should never happen…period!). Even if you can’t make a show, then gallivant outside of shows, you are sure to see some head-turning street chic looks in the vicinity—oh and don’t forget the festive after-parties!

 What designer(s) are you looking forward to seeing at NY Fashion Week?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge Helps Raise Awareness about ALS

If you are wondering why everyone in your social media feeds are dumping ice water on their selves, know that it is for a great cause. I must say whoever thought about or even came up with the idea of this challenge is genius because it has taken the attention of media and people by storm.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or ALS (I recently had to educate myself a bit), it's a disease that impacts the nerve cells in the brain as well in spinal cord. According to the, "it's a progressive degeneration disease of motor neurons that eventually leads to death."

The Ice Bucket Challenge that has been created by the ALS staff is a creative yet impactful way to raise awareness about this disease but also encourages discussion and engagement about fighting it. I think this social media campaign is super clever and to be honest, I didn't know much about ALS until this ice bucket challenge conquered my newsfeed and getting called out to be challenged of course! It just goes to show you there is still strength in numbers and with so much negative things going on in the media, it's nice to see organizations like this one take a serious issue of ALS and bring it to the forefront in a positive way to encourage and to inform others about this disease.

I also appreciate this challenge too because some people have been transparent about sharing a loved ones story of living with ALS or unfortunately, has passed away from it.

Now about this ice bucket challenge??....I have 24 hours to figure how in the heck I'm going to work up the confidence to dump ice water on myself but it's going to get done! I'll let you guys know when I did it...ahhhhh LOL

Have you taken the ice bucket challenge yet and/or donated to ALS?

For more information about ALS, go to

P.S. I couldn't go through with the ice bucket challenge! LOL

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Is Beyonce' the Michael Jackson of Our Time?

Some know her as Queen Bey others might refer to her as KING Bey but majority of the world fondly knows her as B e y o n c e'. It's no secret that she been the "number one diva in the game for a minute" and with her loyal Beyhive behind her, it looks like she is reigning as one of the world's most influential people. According to, Beyonce' IS the number one celebrity of Forbes Celebrity 100 and I must say she has earned the title well. Beyonce' is not only a business woman but she has effectively established herself as a household brand. Some would say she has the Midas touch where anything she touches turns into honey gold!

Her quadruple-threat talents of modeling, acting, dancing and singing have landed her huge endorsements with Pepsi, H&M to her own fragrance and clothing/accessory lines. While it might be unknown to some, Beyonce' also has a heart for giving back especially with a special focus to women and girls. It's evident that nothing was ever given to Queen Bey though! She most certainly had to work tirelessly like everyone else to make her dream come true, experience failures and detours as well even traumatic experiences to get where she is today.  I can go on and on about Beyonce' and her long list of achievements has a mother, wife, sister, daughter, businesswoman and philanthropist but what struck me today was if Beyonce' could be the Michael Jackson of our time?

I sincerely believe starts are born everyday but icons are only given to us in rare bouts. Michael Jackson and Beyonce' may have had different upbringings in how they discovered their gifts but they both knew very early in their lives that they had a bigger purpose to fulfill, not just in music but to the world. Before you all attack me about my comparison, hear me out about how there are similarities in how they have changed the impact of music. Ahhh, the late Michael Jackson! He is and will forever be the KING of Pop, let that be known first. Michael Jackson did change music (all music for that matter) and continues to have a presences in today's music.

The main reason Michael Jackson will forever be an icon/legend to this world is because Michael had a heart for people. He believed his music healed lives and moved mountains that some thought could never be moved. His music gave you hope, fun, love but most of all comfort. I can't forget to mention he was light on his feet and he made the Moonwalk look easy (it's not, unless you are wearing socks on hardwood floor kind of). Outside of music, Michael was a devoted father and he gave back to this world in his time by being a humanitarian. He spoke on world peace and visited nations around the world to help be an ambassador for peace in change in various underdeveloped countries. He simply just loved people! Selling out arenas from every region in the world was the norm for him while fans sang along every song lyric. He too had lucrative endorsement deals, an expansive business portfolio as well as heard several accolades for being one of the world's most influential people. Again, I could go on and on about all of Michael achievements but the very thing that remain the same between Beyonce and Michael is they have changed the world.

Of course the amount of album sales, Billboard mentions, Grammy's etc. aren't always things people remember off hand, people remember how you made them feel! How does Michael Jackson's "Thriller" make you feel when you first hear the beat drop? Or how does Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" make you feel when you hear that first note? See, that's what people remember! Rightfully so, they each have earned their royal ranks in entertainment and they will continue to

Update: Did you all hear that Queen Beyonce' is receiving the honest award honor at this year's VMAs? She receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award! How spot on am I with this post yay me!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sheesh, It's July!

Time flies when you having fun and I can't believe it's already July! Summer is flying by and I'm enjoying all the sweet memories I'm making with loved ones :) I still have a BIG to do list of things I wish to accomplish this year so it's time to pick up the pace because we only have FIVE months left in the year! Can you believe it?

Happy Fourth Folks!