Monday, January 25, 2010

To grow or to outgrow?...that is the question

It amazes me how we all go through different phases of our lives where we experience the good, the bad and the ugly relationships we have with people. Some relationships are built to last while others gradually fade out into nothingness. One thing that I notice most people have a difficult time in adjusting to is understanding that we all outgrow people sometime in our lives. It's never an easy concept to swallow yet it must be done. A lot of times we cling on to certain people (like a favorite blankie) without fulling understanding there will come a time for us to part ways. There are some lucky people who stick but the ones you outgrow you tend to know their time is up (It's sounds harsh but I am just trying to keep this blog real people). Letting go has never been an easy task for any of us but neither is growing. We have all heard the saying that some people are here for the reason, season, moment or lifetime but some people are just here to outgrow. It's like shedding old skin and growing a new one, a time for you to become rejuvenated and grounded to the essential people in your life. The most important thing to remember in life is that this whole adventure is about growing. For any reason you feel like your growth is being stunted, then you have to outgrow that situation. There are many people we cross paths with in our lifetime but it doesn't mean they are all good for you. I do believe EVERYONE has purpose and even thought that purpose may not be evident in the time of contact, each person leaves some type of impact on your life. Now if you know you have outgrown somebody, the first step is facing it and the next step is to let go. Don't look back, don't try to find an excuse to make it work just let go knowing your moving forward to become a better person. Your doing it because you yearn to grow!

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