Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lady Gaga attends MAC Viva Glam Launch

Lady Gaga! Oh how I love thee! The MAC Viva Glam was graced with Lady Gaga's over the top fashion at their launch event. Now I love Lady Gaga's fearless fashion because she really lives the fantasy of a garment;however, I wonder sometimes HOW she wears her outfits. What does she do if she has to go the bathroom. Does the head pieces ever get too heavy for her head? Does her outfit come with directions? How long does it take her to get dress? How many people does it take to dress Lady Gaga? I really have to know these things. Hopefully, one day I will meet her to ask her these questions because inquiring minds want to know.

MAC VIVA GLAM Launch - Arrivals

MAC VIVA GLAM Launch - Arrivals

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