Friday, June 4, 2010

Everyone has a G-SPOT...yes even MEN!!!

Naturally, I know when you all first read the title of this blog you thought I was trying to be sexual but I'm sorry to inform you that's not the intentions over here (See Provocative Pillowtalk for that excitement dolls! *winks*). So I have a confession to make (*biting tongue*)...I have a slight obsession with the EARTH!!! Low key, I consider myself to be a "green goddess" because I have a true affinity for doing my part in saving the Earth. Therefore, I thought it was necessary to create a label on my blog that would specifically cater to my obsession with being green (hence the name "G"reen Spot or G-Spot). However, I want to take a fun approach with exercising my passion on different green initiatives (believe it or not there are MANY ways to play in the G-Spot world!) that we could all incorporate in our daily life. So I hope your feeling green today dolls because I do everyday!!!

:SIDEBAR: Did I mention GREEN is my fav color? Owwww!

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