Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Reuse your "BLUES" for Gap

Any Gap lovers out there? Well get ready for this exciting opportunity to make a difference in your community and in your environment by using only your JEANS! That's right...your jeans! I read an interesting article over at Socialtikmag.com (shout out to my writer friends over there Lynn, Joshlyn, Demaris... hey dolls!) about how your old jeans can be a part of a wonderful campaign to help others.

So how do you save the world with your jeans? Here is how:

1) Take in your old pair of jeans to your neighborhood Gap (you know the ones that you have been holding on to since high school...LOL )

2) In exchange for your old jeans, you will get a pair of new 1969 Gap jeans WITH a discount!!! (Sweet!)

3) Finally, click >>here<<> to learn more about how exactly your jeans your helping.

4) Sit back and relax. Doesn't it feel great to save the world while looking good in a brand new pair of jeans! (big smiles)

P.S. This campaign is also perfect for anyone looking to get a jump start on your holiday shopping. What better gift than a new pair of jeans? I mean seriously who doesn't love a new pair of jeans?

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