Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back Down Memory Lane: GIGA PETS

:SIDENOTE: I actually remember having Salem The Cat from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" has my Giga Pet!

Who doesn't remember Giga Pets? OMG!!! They were so the fad back in 1999 (*scratching my head*) but now you don't even hear a peep about these digital pets. I remember when I was a kid people use to have like 10 on one key chain and everyone was trying to keep up with their pets so they wouldn't die smh.... I EVEN remember people passing their Giga Pet to friends so they could "dog sit" or "cat sit" how delusional did we all sound to our parents? LOL...It was the perfect pet for me considering I had allergies out of the hooo ahhhh (and I still do), it was the only animal that didn't make me sneeze, scratch, sniffle or break out into a mysterious rash (eww). Life was great when we all had gigapets. Got to love childhood! I bet if you asked a kid now what a gigapet was they would just stare at you all crazy!! Do you all remember Giga Pets? How many did you have?


  1. I remember gigs pets! Thanks for bringing me back in time:). I am your newest follower!

  2. oh my gosh! totally! i always wanted one of these when i was in...i dunno 3rd grade? awesome!
    haha the memories you brought back....
    happy holidays!

  3. Yes! Giga Pets were so popular when we were kids! Childhood memories are always funny! Thanks for following dolls and I will be sure to follow your blogs too :) I appreciate the support! xo!

    Happy New Year

  4. Gigapets pshhhhh I was a Tamagotchi girl all the way

  5. Lol!! OMG I had two of those things...hecka just took me back! My sis had like three and we would trade hahaha..good that toy would be a joke..I should consider buying one on ebay! lol