Thursday, January 13, 2011

ATL on Ice: Man Skates Down Peachtree Street

I love in ATLANTA! And I know roller skating is a big deal, in fact, going to your first roller skating ring is like your "rights of passage" to your teenage years. Atlanta is also known for having random things going on (like this ice storm) but who knew after a couple days of being snowed in that people would become so inventive to make the most out of their situation. Cascade maybe an infamous roller skating ring in ATL but I think this guy takes the crown for right now...cCheck out the clip!


  1. We've been to atlanta plenty of times..but never once did it snow....let alone turn into an ice skating rink lol

  2. lol i was in atl during the last ice storm. crazy. atlantans can not handle rain, let alone snow, let alone ICE!