Sunday, January 9, 2011

NEW Addiction: Honey Roasted Almonds

OMG! I can’t get enough of these things! honey roasted almonds are like the best snack in the world. I have been on a “health eating tip” for while now and I think I just fell in love with almonds. I have always liked eating an array of nuts (me and peanuts have a sketchy relationship *Kanye shrugs*) but almonds got me by the heart strings. I have become “nuts” over these things (wait…let me be correct, almonds are not NUTS, they are “seeds”) that I started researching it.
Almonds have an excellent dose of Vitamin E (which helps your skin look impeccable), additionally, they have tons of FIBER. Dolls, almonds are your friends because they make you feel fuller faster which is great because it will help you dissipate your hunger for not-so-healthy stuff! AND…it has a great natural source of FOLIC ACID which is needed for healthy reproductive organs (big smile). So grab a bag and give ‘em a whirl, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed *winks.*

What is your favorite healthy snack food?

P.S. My favorite Honey Roasted Almonds so far are by “Blue Diamond” *two thumbs up.*


  1. sis i eat these allllll the time. nom nom nom

  2. Lol...who would of thunk it? These things are the best snack EVER...well they come a close second to my cheese popcorn :)