Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WINGS & Things: Hello BDubbs

I have a huge infatuation for WINGS...yes...WINGS (random I know) but I have good reason to be excited to share my infatuation with you dolls. I lived in Atlanta for four years and I relocated back home to Washington, D.C. area a little over a year ago and I been having wing withdrawal. As much as I love being from the Nation's Capital, I can't help but reminiscence about Atlanta where it's like the "wing capital of the world (*big smile*)."
When I moved back home, finding a good wing spot was like finding an earring back in a pile of hay (yeah, I know im being little dramatic with the imagery but hey you get the point, it was SUPER hard). Anyhoo, I have been wanting some wings for quite sometime and one of my dearest friends (*shout out to Chelle Belle*) just told me that Buffalo Wild Wings has FINALLY moved here! I'm on cloud infinity and beyond right now, it's redic. I know some of you are probably thinking it can't be THAT hard to find good wings in D.C. but I say "oh but it is!" All wings are not created equal, so I can't just settle for anything less than the REAL DEALS out there #justsaying. I can already smell the succlent "Blazin" buffalo wing sauce dripping off with a basket of potato wedges and nice cool ranch dipping sauce on the side.....yum yum yum!


  1. Soo this post just made my day/pissed me off lol. I LOVE Bdubbs (went there every week in college)...tuesday's they had 35cent wings (honeybbq) is my favorite. However they don't have one where I live :( so that's why I just got mad when I saw this lol.

  2. AWWW...yess! I can totally understand. I have been living in the DC metro area for all my life and we just got one. Maybe you will get one too! You never know :) (fingers crossed)