Thursday, March 3, 2011

Everybody Needs a Little "Amour Vert"

Spring is right around the corner and the question your closet ready? My closet is in dire need of a wardrobe yesterday. Unfortunately, I haven't really been inspired much UNTIL I found this adorable sustainable-friendly clothing line called "Amour Vert" ( means Green Love in French). I so facinated by eco-fashion and the materials eco-designers use to create radiant masterpieces.

According to Amour Vert's website, they create their green designs from "bamboo, organic cotton, peace silk" (just to name a few) and these pieces look like something you would see off the runways of Paris. Speaking of Paris, the designer, Linda Balti is a native of Paris and she grew her passion for "green fashion" in the studios of Paris and then later moved to the sunny bay of Cali-for-ni-a to start her business! Her workmanship is impeccable and the best part is the collection is SUPER affordable! So what are you waiting for check out this stunning Amour Vert's Spring/Summer 2011 collection clip below.

Video Courtesy of Amour Vert (Spring/Summer 2011)

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