Monday, March 14, 2011

The HOT & BOTHERED Memo...

My brain is storming with ideas, thoughts, moments, name's happening as I type this blog. There have been three things that I have been wanting to write about and here it goes...

1) Something that has me bothered...The Earthquake/Tsunami of Japan

I woke up this morning not even recognizing this world anymore. Every time I wake up, I see more and more it is a privilege to be living, a privilege to possess material things and a privilege to just be ME. I feel like lately something has come over me and I'm not afraid to hold back from my dreams and just simply LIVE...that is all. It deeply troubles my heart to know that Japan is going through such a devastating situation and it hits me close to home because I have a loved one overseas in the Navy (who is okay by the way) who is trying to represent our country. I know everyone is tired of hearing about how hard times are but the reality is! You only get one life to how are you LIVING yours today?

2) Something that has me bothered....NFL Lockout???

I may love all things fashion but who said a girl couldn't love a little football either? Well, if there is still is a NFL. Who knew this all-American sport was in danger? If you were lost like I was before, a lockout basically ends all football related activities (training camps, scouting, weight training, GAMES etc.) because NFL team owners and players have reached a the end of their collective bargaining agreement (if you want to know what that means...Google it). Anyhoo, it's a sad time in the athletic world especially for potential rookies and free agents (yeah they are being extra shafted right now). No one is really sure how long this lockout will be but if they don't reach a decision by April 28-April 30 (Draft time) then we may not have a football season. Sorry guys!

3) Something that has me hot....Marsha Ambrosius "Late Nights & Early Mornings" Album

Through all the bad, music is one of my favorite remedies when I want to tune out the chaos of the world. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE Marsha Ambrosius first solo album. If you haven't heard Miss. "Late Nights & Early Mornings" voice, you are truly missing out a magical retreat. Tracks like "Your Hands," "Faraway," "Late Nights and Early Mornings" (soo reminds me of a Prince track) "Chasing Clouds" and "With You" have sweet melodic beats with fiery lyrics! I have NEVER heard a voice like Marsha's before and I think that's why I love her especially when her Floetry days were in motion (it's Floetic uh it's Floetic). Her album is refreshing, intimate and sensual (hands down). Her high-pitched vocal range is enchanting and she belts out ever note with passion (this maybe her first solo album but she ain't no amateur y'all). This British-born-belle has one of THE most timeless voices I have EVER heard in my generation and I am so excited to hear her next album. I am proud to stand with other MARSHIANS today dolls because Marsha Ambrosius has revived the pulse of REAL Female R&B music. Please take a bow! #FutureGrammyWinner Please support her dolls!

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  1. I agree with you on all different levels wifey! I'm hot and bothered abt the same things. Life man...but u can always find refuge in music!