Monday, March 28, 2011

There is Something About "Red Bottoms"

You all have seen 'em? You have seen 'em on the million dollar feet's of Beyonce', Mariah Carey, JLo, Khloe, Paris Hilton, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Keri Hilson, Rihanna and many more and we have yet to see another stiletto take over the top spot. Christian Louboutin's are one of THE most sought out pair of heels by many women of the world.

These trademarked "red bottoms" are one of the most simplistic yet genius creations by Mr. Louboutin himself and these stilettos manage to find them selves on the runways of Paris to the red carpets of Hollywood (or courtside at a Lakers game!). His distinctive yet elegant shoes have many celebrity women and ordinary women "head over heels" about the workmanship and comfortability.

In fact, wearing Christian Louboutins are like a VISA, you NEVER want to leave home with out them (on your feet...that is!). I recently stumbled across an interesting article on called "Christian Louboutin Reveals Science Behind Perfect High Heels" by Lianne Turner and Laura Allsop and it really got me excited to learn more about "the science" of Christian Louboutin's heels. I enjoyed learning about what inspired Christian Louboutin to create such dazzling shoes! Check out the article and the video, it's shoe fab at it's finest! Now I'm just waiting for my day to be a proud Christian Louboutin owner (sighs).

P.S. Can you guess who is wearing those pair of CL's in the picture above?

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