Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If I Were Queen...

If I were Queen, I would....

1) LOWER THE FREAKING GAS PRICES to $ .99 cent a gallon

2) Require that EVERY business incorporate more community service projects

3) Raggedy weaves, white shoes (unless it's work related/ceremonial purposes and maybe if they are fly but I will be the judge), cornrows, idots, and saggy pants or other thing that pisses me off would all be AGAINST the law!

4) Mandate that EVERYONE takes steps to become eco-friendly AND I would have a team of "Planeteers" (Shout out to Captain Planet) who would investigate people who broke this law


6) Company's will mirror their employee holiday schedule off of universities/colleges (meaning extended Christmas break for like a month!)

7) Anyone who wishes to attend college can go for FREE but they must keep a good GPA (if you start messing around then you have to pay tuition...sorry!)

8) School lunches for K-college would actually be GOOD FOR YOU!!!

9) Health care would be FREE for everyone!!!

10) All poverty, famine, wars, genocides (anything dealing with physical, mental and emotional abuse of a human) would end and anyone who tries to break this law, it will be off with you head (well I can't imagine killing anyone by my hand but you will be punished)

*Bonus: Parking meters would be destroyed!!

What would you do if you were king/queen?

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