Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sustainability is SEXY...Environmental That Is!

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If you don't know by now, it's EARTH DAY WEEK *throws recycled confetti*! Earth Day is officially celebrated on April 22 but I have decided to celebrate it all week long (and on) because I think it's sexy to save our planet. I mean come on...this is where we live so it's our responsibility to maintain it if we want the Earth to live long and live strong. So you are probably wondering, what does Earth Day have to do with me?....EVERYTHING!!! Each and everyday of your natural born life you depend on the Earth for your survival. From the food you eat to the clothes you wear even the car you drive (yup it's true). Without Mother Nature, we would all actually... uh... "kick the can" (get it!). Well it's never too late to go GREEN! Here are a few simple tips that might spark your eco-creative fancy....

1) Reuse and be radiant!- Have a clothing swap with your favorite gal pals! Whether your spring cleaning or feeling rather cluttered in your closet, exchanging "gently used" clothes is great way to reuse old clothes instead of putting them in the garbage. What's even better is donating clothes to your local shelter or popular clothing organizations!

2) Stop getting nickle-d and dime-d! Bring your own bags!- To all of my Washington, DC readers (if there are any, let me know in your comment), you know you are getting charged for plastic/paper bags! If you haven't done so, start using a canvas tote that you can bring with you instead of getting charged for your bag. To those of you who aren't being charged, still make a conscious effort to start bringing your own totes for grocery & personal shopping. If you still use plastic bags, at least reuse it again!

3) Sharing is GREEN caring!-Got old magazines/newspapers laying around? De-clutter your home and bring them to the office break room to share with your co-workers. Or slice up your magazines/newspapers to create a vision board of your future goals! Don't forget to recycle your scraps!

4) Brittany Murphy said it best, "Rolling with the homies"- Carpool anytime you can! You are reducing your carbon footprint which cuts back on air pollutions :) Gotta love oxygen!

5) Paper, Plastic, Aluminum oh my!- Recycle, recycle and recycle these items! You'll be a cool kid on the block :) Oh and you can recycle glass too!! Owww...

Now that's what I call "sustaining the sexy"...don't you think?

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