Monday, May 23, 2011

My Summer Bucket List...

So summertime is right around the corner and that means a bucket list is necessary! I never actually sat down and created one for just the summer but hey it's a first time for everything. While this isn't a complete list of my intentions, it's a start and I am going to try my best to complete it.

So here it is....

1) Hit the beach (as much as possible)

2) Go to Kings Dominion/Six Flags

3) Go to the zoo

4) Go to MIA!!!! (in the works!)

5) Go on a boat ride (Done)

6) Try new cultural food (Filipino food/Ethiopian food/Moroccan food/[insert other cultural food here])

7) Read at least THREE books

8) Go to a free outdoor concert (Done but I'm going to more)

9) Plan an international vacation for next summer

10) Go to at least TWO museums

11) Start my family genealogy project

12) Sign up to take the GRE

13) Research graduate programs AND narrow down to 5 schools!

14) Go on a bike ride

15) Learn how to cook a cultural dish from scratch

16) Visit Almish Country!!!!!


  1. A summer bucket list. . .whew I just finished my "other" bucket list.
    If I did write one it would entirely have to do with building the brand so that next summer I can have all the fun I want to.

  2. awww I wanna go to the outdoor concert one with you!! fun times. or the bike ride yay!

  3. @Sharon- Kudos to you for completing your other buckets list and building a brand ain't a bad idea for your next bucket list...cheers!

    @Chanel-yesss! We should do both of these together yipeee