Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UPDATE: Summer Bucket List

1) Hit the beach-Went to VA Beach!
4) Go to MIA!!!!-Going next week!
5) Go on a boat ride-DONE
8) Go to a free outdoor concert-Done but I'm going to more *Bonus* I saw Melonie Fiona live an in-door concert :)
12) Sign up to take the GRE- I purchased the book so far does that count?
13) Research graduate programs AND narrow down to 5 schools!- in the works

To see my full summer bucket list, look under my "Mirror of Truth" label. Oh and let me add that I have 35 things on this list and I only have done like 6 of these things (well #12 isn't quite fulfilled eek!)...yeah I need to step it up! Help!


  1. AW I need to get to the beach asap!!! yeah I doooo. I want to go to an outdoor concert this summer. Invite meeeeeee

  2. Yes yes...It's just hard with your schedule :( We need to meet up too's been too long