Tuesday, August 23, 2011


As a fellow Virginia native, I had to blog about my first earthquake experience EVER! This has to be the most bizarre, scary moment (so far) in my life. Here is my day play-by-play:

Time: I think it was around 1:20 or something (don't know for sure)

Place: I'm kind of embarrassed to reveal this but....I was in the bathroom at work (scary stuff)

Reaction: At first I thought it was my building at work (we've had problems with our HVAC on the roof so shaking was normal) but then I realized that it had to be something else. When they yelled "Everybody evacuate!" over the paging system, I knew it had to be an earthquake or something.

First thing I grabbed: My cell phone

How did I know it was an Earthquake: Thank God for social networks! Twitter saved the day in updating me on what was going on. I first saw a couple of tweets from friends who said they felt the shake too then I read a tweet from "AP Press" that declared it was a 5.8 earthquake that hit the area (the reports have changed, it to a 5.9 earthquake).

How did you contact friends and family: My phone wasn't sending or receiving texts nor calls all I could do was tweet for the first two hours. When I got home, I was able to text (my phone goes in and out like it is now) and eventually my Twitter app on my phone stopped working.

First person who called me: My dearest friend/my darling/my love Candice :) (she was the only one that had luck in getting thru)

First person to text me: My cousin/womb to the tomb/soul twin Amber :)

First person I tweeted: My big brother Renauld! (had to make sure he was ok since I couldn't text or call my parents :( )

First thing (s) I noticed in my room that fell/damaged during Earthquake: My college degree fell and my board games fell of my closet shelf

What have I done to get my mind off the earthquake: Watched the news, read the Bible/prayed, and BLOGGED!

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