Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello September...


Where did the time go? This whole summer has been a blur for me mostly because I have been super busy. I've barely blogged and I haven't completed my summer bucket list (I'm going to try my best though). The common misconception about the first day of September is that people automatically assume it's fall and it isn't. Fall doesn't actually being until September don't rush away the sunshine to early people sheesh!

Autumn is actually my favorite represents change. I enjoy the cooler temperatures and I'm excited to break out my leather jacket and suede boots. I enjoy watching the leaves change day to day, it's like watching a live painting take place before your eyes. I enjoy smelling firewood burning in chimneys and "cozying" up to a hot cup of apple cider. Apple pies and spice cake bake in the background, warming the whole house up with a cinnamon spice scent. Ahhhhh....fall! Aren't you excited yet? I especially love fall rainy days (not so great for my hair though) but I love to see the colorful leaves float by in huge puddles. By far, I love fall the most because of the physical changes of the season and it some aspects it's therapeutic for me to0 because I change. I've always been a person who has lived my life based on seasons (it's spiritual really) and I enjoy every minute of it. I wonder what is in store for me this fall!

P.S. Isn't this picture cool? I love colorful leaves :)

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  1. Winner!! Fall is my favorite season too. actually if we could have it my way... we'd just have spring, fall, and winter. summer can shove it.

  2. im so sad to see the summer go! the only reason i dont like this time of year is b/c i know it will be cold soon