Saturday, August 20, 2011

Update!!!! Summer bucket list

I never thought it would be this hard to complete a summer bucket list but it's been tough. Mainly because I have been super busy with other things going in my life but it doesn't mean I'm still not going to try and complete MOST or ALL of it before the summer's over. I technically have until September 21st to make it happen. In the mean time, here is what I have done so far....

1) Hit the beach (VA beach and South Beach done! I still want one more.)

2) Go to Kings Dominion/Six Flags

3) Go to the zoo

4) Go to MIA!!!! (Done)

5) Go on a boat ride (Done)

6) Try new cultural food (Filipino food/Ethiopian food/Moroccan food/[insert other cultural food here])

7) Read at least THREE books (One down, two more to go)

8) Go to a free outdoor concert (Done but I'm going to more)

9) Plan an international vacation for next summer (I have an exciting idea I’m researching now!)

10) Go to at least TWO museums

11) Start my family genealogy project

12) Sign up to take the GRE (I haven't scheduled yet but I have started studying!!!)

13) Research graduate programs AND narrow down to 5 schools! (I have a good four in mind but this is subject to change)

14) Go on a bike ride

15) Learn how to cook a cultural dish from scratch (I got a recipe from a friend to make curry chicken, just haven't made it yet!)

16) Visit Almish Country!!!!! (<---I really want to complete this one)

17) Get my palm/tarot read

18) Go to a spa (I've researched it but the good ones cost alot and the cheap ones...well the reviews say "you get what you pay for" :(

19) Bake a cake from scratch

20) A new piercing (hmm!)

21) Make chicken noodle from scratch

22) Get a Henna tattoo

23) Go on a paddle boat ride

24) Take a pole dancing or salsa class

25) Try a some bizarre food (like what the Andrew Zimmerman eats on the Travel Channel...eek!)

26) Go to a wine tasting

27) Try a speed dating activity

28) Find a guest blogger!

29) Find a pen pal or blogger pen pal :)

30) Go to a dinner theatre

31) Write a fall/winter bucket list (not even started but something tells me some of these things I don’t finish will be on it)

32) Try a gel manicure (I would like to try it but I'd rather save my money!)

33) Attend a baseball game (my Godsister and I are suppose to hit a game before the season is out)

34) Go to a batting cage

35) Go putt putt golfing


  1. your bucket list is zoo similar to things i was trying to get done this summer -- just replace GRE with GMAT lol. But i def hit up South Beach and VA Beach AND I STILL WANT going back to VA beach tho in a few weeks to close the summer out!

  2. i love bucket list!!! good luck getting those things done! you have some great ideas on there

  3. @A.Sharie-Good luck on the GMAT because studying the GRE is kicking my butt! lol Enjoy VA beach!!!

    @ms.composure-thanks! I hope I can accomplish some more of these things! Time just hasn't been on my side this summer :-/ *fingers crossed*