Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cuffing Season: What YOU don't know...

Cuffing season, "boo'd up" season, "boyfriend/girlfriend" lock down time, "butt buddies" (literally) whatever you want to call it is just a BIG false advertisement to get people exciting about being with someone. I don't even know why it is called "cuffing season" because it sounds too much like seasonal allergies. Cuffing season is "apparently" the ONLY time of year that guys (mainly guys) and girls are actually open to being with someone because the temperature is changing. Sounds stupid right? Who told people that the weather has ANYTHING to do with dating? But I guess there is some truth that weather and dating go hand-in-hand. Spring/summer months seem to be the "automatic break-up time of year because the weather is warm!" Seriously people, we have got to do better!

While we are progressing to cooler temperatures, it may look more interesting to have someone to cuddle with or just spend time with to move this time along, but remember things aren't always what they seem. This is ALSO the time of year where "indoor activities" (wrap it up please!) look more exciting, so to some it's only right to have that one person (some people have more than one cuff victim..shame) on-call to participate in those activities.

But the part that is really said is that some people really believe in only giving a person a "season" to be involved as an item. It's a shame! People that are really about meeting someone, (especially on a long-term basis) should not be fooled by this season; otherwise, you will end up hurt, miserable and broke (yeah remember this is holiday season too!). Do NOT...I repeat DO NOT be swindled. It's never right to play with some one's emotions nor is it right to waste some one's time if you just aren't that into them! So I recommend, if you are going to partake in "cuffing season," make sure it's very clear that this is just a "seasonal" thing for you! And if you know you are allergic to it or detect it going on, then remove yourself from it immediately! Can't say you didn't get the "Memo" guys...

What are you thoughts about "cuffing season?" What does "cuffing season" mean to you?

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  1. One of the most stupidest things I've ever heard. Sounds like another hip hop culture, made up word. Smh.