Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Fragrances: Taylor Swift, Shakira + Heidi Klum

I was reading the October issue of Cosmopolitan magazine the other day (one of my favorite magazines!) and I stumbled across the sample perfume advertisements for Grammy-award winning artists Taylor Swift, Shakira and super model/Project Runway host, Heidi Klum. It seems like you haven't made it in the entertainment business these days unless you have "bottled up" your personality, talents and appearance in a fragrance. So even if you never meet you favorite celebrity or celebrity crush, you can at least cuddle up to a bottle of their scent to feel a bit of closeness (just don't go crazy with it okay!). Here are my two scents about their fragrances (and NO, I'm not a perfume expert):

Taylor Swift's "Wonderstruck" perfume is AMAZING! By far my favorite out of three I sniffed out of the magazine. It's the first fragrance designed by this country-pop starlet and this tantalizing potion of smell good was actually inspired by one of her songs "Enchanted." It's floral, fruity and fresh. The fragrance will be hitting shelves in October.

Shakira's "S" perfume is nice! For her first fragrance, it's a clean composition of floral accents to round out a very settle but romantic perfume. While she is known for her spicy lyrics and sensual body movements, one whiff of this scent gives of a more "girl next door" vibe. It's simple but still sexy! Her bottle of "S" is out in stores now.

Heidi Klum's "Shine" perfume is elegant! It's more for the mature noses out there. It's rich in warm scents like vanilla and a more "woodsy" feel. While it didn't tickle my nose much, I know that it will be popular amongst other noses out there. It's definitely a great scent accessory for the fall. This is also Klum's first fragrance and it is already being sold now.

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