Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Five places I would like to visit are...


1) New Orleans-I'm too excited to try authentic Creole/Cajun food, it warms my belly just the thought of it!

2) HAWAII!!!-Doesn't matter which island, I just want to be amongst the waterfalls...that is all!

3) Italy- Again, I would love to try some authentic Italian food and I really looking forward to the architecture, music/arts and of course SHOPPING!

4) Greece-I can't wait to see that Cerulean blue water up close and personal...gorgeous!

5) Africa-Every person I know that has been to the motherland said it has changed their life!

Photo Courtesy of Yongmei


  1. Your list is great. I would love to go back to Africa. I want to see multiple countries. A bit hestitant now that I'm older and I am more aware of the law and order side of things there... but I would still want to go back one day. I'm also planning a trip to Italy as well :) Can't wait! I would differ with you on Greece... I'd rather go to London. Oh, and Hawaii sounds great.... although.... Bora Bora sounds better hahaha Oh i"m done

  2. Hey gurl I love your blog!! I hope you have an amazing time on all of your adventures trust me world traveling is fun times for sure! will enlighten you and have you feeling refreshed and even more blessed for your life!! :)