Wednesday, December 26, 2012

For the Foodies: Pizza Hut has a perfume?

Pizza Hut

I’ve heard of people who are interested in bizarre foods like Andrew Zimmerman from the Travel Channel but who’s interested in bizarre perfume? Who doesn’t love the aroma of food but do you love it so much that you would wear it on your sleeve?

I ran across an article on “Mother Nature Network,” which talked about Pizza Hut recently created a perfume that captured the scent of a freshly opened box of pizza. Sound delish right? While the scent does sound fairly appetizing, I read on to see that a couple other fast food chains such Burger King has also created a perfume before as well.

HOW DID I MISS THIS ‘MEMO’? The Pizza Hut perfume can’t be “ordered” nor is it being sold commercially at this time (apparently they only created a limited supply).

If Pizza Hut commercially sold their fragrance, would you buy it? Better yet, would you purchase it as a gift for someone?

If you could create a perfume for your favorite fast food, what would it be and why?

Leave your responses in my comments. Xo!

Photo Courtesy of Mobycat

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