Wednesday, January 30, 2013

No Flip Flop Shall Prosper in the Winter...

I blew out my flip flop
Okay...this is my first rant of the New Year and I have to say this subject doesn't get old, in fact, it gets more absurd as time goes on. If you've been following my blog for sometime now then you are probably familiar with my great distaste for flip flops being worn all year round (here is an old post about my thoughts) ESPECIALLY in the winter time.

I'm definitely not going to sit here and rehash my thoughts about this subject again but just know I saw someone this past weekend who was in complete violation (ahhhhhh). Maybe the question isn't WHY do these violaters choose to wear flip flops all year round?

Maybe the better question to ask these violaters is...WHAT is it about flip flops that makes you feel more comfortable to wear them all year round rather than weather appropriate shoes?

I've seen violaters wear a puffer/down coat in 25 degree weather, snow on the ground (possibly ice), scarf, hat and gloves on and thennnnnn flip flops???? It's just not adding up!

What are your thoughts about this guys?

Photo Courtesy of white_shadow_photog

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