Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why I Love MTV's Hit TV Series, "Catfish" + My Take Aways

 I believe when the hosts of MTV's hit series, "'Catfish," Nev & Max decided to embark on this journey to document real stories of how real people are searching for love on online dating and/or social network sites, it was genius! What's even more fascinating is that complete strangers from all over the nation are completely OK with going on national TV as we all (the viewers) hold our breath through every detail of this adventure---will they find true love? or will they end up being "catfish'd"? Say what you want but Nev and Max have hit a gold mine in creating this series and I believe we can all learn a lot from these episodes.

As an avid viewer of this amazing show, here are some lesson-learned that I've taken away:
  1. Common sense isn't common
  2. Being "catfish'd" doesn't make you a victim, it makes you smarter
  3. NEVER trust anyone or for that matter, don't even trust what they say if they aren't willing to video chat with you at least once.
  4. If they live less than an hour away and STILL aren't willing to meet up, they probably aren't REAL.
  5. Women lie, men lie and so do photos! 
  6. Giving money and/or gifts to someone you have never met before is just absurd and more than likely, you know you could use that money for more important things like YOUR BILLS. 
  7. "Love is a battlefield." Pat Benatar knew something when she sang this song. 
  8. If you are talking/dating/or in a relationship with someone for years and never met them, it's disrespectful to you, your time and your emotions. Yeah it's just inconsiderate and selfish. 
  9. HOW CAN YOU BE ENGAGED TO SOMEONE YOU NEVER MET???? I'm still trying to understand this...help! *spins around in chair*
  10. Accountability goes both ways...
  11. Don't ignore the red flags but DO listen to your intuition/gut feeling...it's probably right about something "fishy" going on
  12. There is always other fish in the sea...
If you never watched "Catfish", you MUST! It's a great show and pretty entertaining too. "Catfish" airs on MTV but check your local listings for time information.

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