Thursday, December 19, 2013

One minute impression...

One minute impressions may seem unrealistic but it happens everyday. Specifically in the dating world, one minute impressions are critical in the event you are interested in pursuing someone or meeting someone for the first time so bring your "A" game!

The reality is hell dates are real and the people we meet along our life paths don't always have our best interest at heart so it's imperative that we stay alert. So as a time saver, I've found the one minute impression strategy to be quite effective and most definitely an efficient way to prevent everyone's time from being wasted.

Whenever I meet someone, I tend to stick to my guns with the one impression strategy. I've always been pretty good at reading people or uncovering the BS so I thought I would share with you all my strategy.

In one minute of meeting someone new, you should be able to categorize this person in at least four categories:
  1. Potential boyfriend/girlfriend (this can be tough to read sometimes but you KNOW)
  2. Potential friend
  3. Potential network contact
  4. No connection
It may seem shallow but I think everyone does this in their own way! I've heard all types of crazy categories from my peers when they meet someone new. For the purpose of this post, I think these broad categories capture how everyone should classify someone within one minute of meeting them.

Call me shallow but appearance is everything! If the connection isn't there when your eyes meet, it's a possibility that things aren't going to take off. Just be mindful that presentation is everything and while you may not indicate how you think or feel at that very moment that person should definitely know by the end of the night where things stand.

Sometimes it takes two or three dates to be absolutely certain of where you stand with someone but don't count that little voice inside of you out. If your gut isn't with it, then strut but if you see stars, moons and clouds, then one can definitely dream.

Hope this makes your dating life a breeze!

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