Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why January is National Break Up Month

For Every Girl With a Broken Heart
The other day I read a relationship article about how January has been coined the National Break Up Month for most couples. In particular, the article was referring to divorced couples as it is the month that many people want to start the New Year off on a fresh split. This actually makes perfect sense to me; however, I feel like an exit can happen at any time of the year in any relationship but something about New Year and new rules for love makes it easy to comprehend. Furthermore, it is also this time of year where people are itching to get out of their relationship prior to Valentine’s Day! 

Believe it or not, there are still some people who flee before this day because they realize A) They don’t really care about this person as much as they thought they did, B) They don’t want to buy any gifts, C) They don’t love their partner nor should they feel pressured too on V-day, D) They are just completely against the day so you might see a change in your partner’s mood.  Regardless of where you stand in your relationship, just remember to keep the lines of communication open!

Photo Courtesy of By Kris O'Neal

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