Thursday, December 4, 2014

The “American Dream” Feels more like a Nightmare

I never thought in my twenty-something years of life that I would witness so much division in my own country. This has made me feel all types of emotions: angry, disgusted, sad, and confused. Each day it gets harder to face the world with a smile knowing deep down inside, you’re fearful if this could be the day that you’ll take your last breath.

You wake up in the morning knowing in the back of your mind that there are some people in this world who resent you for the way you look, the color of your skin, the way your dressed, your sexual preference, your religious denomination etc. and each day, you’re supposed to carry on without apology for who you are but it is SO HARD y’all.

Today, I was apprehensive of writing this on my blog because I’d like to think of my blog as light-hearted and safe place to reflect on matters that mean something to me and I find this matter to be extremely personal to me. In particular, I am an educated Black woman who understands how hard it is to live and earn the respect of others in this country. Being Black in America is not easy because in OUR world (yes, there are two worlds), I’m considered to already have three strikes against me: 1) Being educated 2) being Black and 3) being a woman—therefore, I’m not only seen as inferior but I’m threat.

This is because society already had a preconceived future planned for me when my mother birthed me into the world. There was already statistical data and a stereotype placed on me before I could even walk or talk and it’s sad, this still exist today. Today, I feel like the “American Dream” feels more like a never-ending nightmare that I can’t wake up from. Then again, I’m not even sure if people like me were even considered a part of that dream in the first place.

It’s troubling to know that for years the justice systems and law enforcement that was designed to “protect and serve the people” or promote “justice for all” have become corrupt and unstable. How can people like me put their trust in the law when it doesn’t serve ALL people?

You can’t put your trust in mankind because we are all flawed. Instead, I’ve chosen to put my trust in God! He’s the only one that has remained steadfast in His love for ALL people and He is the only one I can lean on times of strife. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve made a commitment to put my faith FIRST and keep my opinions/emotions last. But don’t get it twisted, it’s hard every day to hold your peace but I’m doing the best that I can in this quick sand of turmoil. I have to believe in something and if I can’t always believe in myself every day, then I have to put all my trust in God. He is the only way!

I say all of this to say that we’ve got to band together for change! It’s no excuse that it is 2014 and it feels like we are reliving the 50s and 60s!! We’ve got to do better and it begins with each of us because we are all accountable for how this country operates. If you are a registered voter and a tax payer, you should be actively exercising this right anytime there is a state or local election…period. Everyone seems to come out for the Presidential elections but not enough of us are showing up to local/state polls where it equally matters! And to those who believe that voting isn’t going to change anything, think about running for office in your locality/state! If you don’t like the way something is being done than be the change! We all play a part in this so find your voice and exercise it (peacefully!). Protests and boycotts are great too but the real work happens on the Hill. 

We’ve come this far by faith; let us not grow weary in this fight for equality for all guys.

Stay prayed up people! Xo

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