Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wishes for 2015

I love the New Year for two reasons: 1) looking forward to new beginnings and memories and 2) it's my birthday celebration (*throws glitter everywhere*). The year 2014 had highs and lows but I wouldn't trade the year for anything! If I had to describe 2014 in one word it would be transparency. I say this because it was definitely a year where a lot of things came to the forefront that I didn't expect but I felt like it needed to happen.From my work- life balance to world issues to personal relationships, I noticed I made some people and things in my life more of a priority than myself. I believe this is one my Achilles Heels because I'm known for always putting myself last on the list but that's changing for 2015, I'm learning to put myself first for a change. I'm responsible for my own happiness, no one else! I'm also responsible for maintaining a sense of peace in my life that can only be experienced through God and so my faith level has increased immensely!

With that said, I've always been a private person but more than ever, I work extra hard to keep it that way because that's apart of living a peaceful life. Social media can easily confuse people into believing they have a right into your life based on what you post but remember folks, don't believe everything you see, hear or read (Journalism 101). We live in a world where perception is everything and a lot of people make assumptions about who you are based on what you do and say so I learned a long time ago to not feed into it. To this day, only a close circle of friends and family will ever know the matters of my heart...period. If you don't know what's going on, than it's safe to KNOW you aren't in that circle! #Sorrynotsorry Plus, I've been burned before with people sharing my business or my dreams with outside people and I didn't appreciate it! There are just somethings that I'm never going to bend on and privacy will always be one.

Also, we've all experienced so much division going on in the world today due to socioeconomic differences, gender/sexuality inequality and racial injustices(there are NOT new subjects) etc. but  more than ever these issues are being brought into the light as they should. Unfortunately, most of these issues are only deemed important when there is lots of bloodshed involved but like the news says, "blood always leads." These recent events have called a lot into question about the fate of our world, our political systems but most of all US. However, I'm confident we can turn all of this around because in the end we all want peace, love and happiness in the end right?

In order to be a better world, we have to be BETTER people! We've got to be held accountable for our actions and we also have to be on the same page for change. This process won't happen overnight but we are all here on assignment (whether you know that or not) so it is time to answer the call! It's exciting to see people from all walks of life fired up for change and I believe it's possible if everyone remains level-headed in the process. We are merely scratching the surface on a lot of these deeply rooted issues folks, but if we are consistent in our message and actions than I do believe change will  happen. Trust the process everyone....

For 2015, I look forward to expanding my territory in all aspects of my life personally, professionally, financially, emotionally and spiritually. Honestly, I do want world peace! It may sound cheesy but we seriously need peace in this world. I'm also looking forward to creating new memories with my sweet friends and family. That's all I really want in life! I feel nothing but great vibes for 2015 and I receive whatever God has for me next year because I know it's all apart of His greater plan for my life.

Happy New Year Everyone! Xo

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