Friday, November 1, 2013

My Faith Has Never Been BIGGER

In my twenty-something years of life, I'm learning to get out of my own way. You've heard the saying, "you are your own worst critic" and sometimes it is difficult to accept that YOU are the very person preventing yourself from achieving great things in your life. No one wants to admit they have problems but I do *raises hand* (remember, the first step in knowing you have a problem is acknowledging that you have one). 

I admit that I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly imperfect. And this is ok! You aren't suppose to know it all or have it all together and I really understand that now as an adult. No life path is the same and we each have our own GPS (mine happens to be God) that guides us through this crazy maze called life.

What I have learned is that my faith is BIGGER then my problems. The easiest way I can break down my faith understanding is that I may not know what's to come but I KNOW that's God got it! It's just that simple. If you aren't taking risk or making bold moves, then your not leaning on your faith enough. If you tend to stay in your silo or operate in your comfort zone, than your faith isn't BIG enough. If "the struggle" or challenges intimidate you, then your faith isn't growing enough. 

All I'm saying to you (without preaching of course) is that in order to attain our dreams/aspirations in life, it takes "fearfully and wonderfully" made people like you and I to step out on faith to make things happen. What are you waiting for...GO!


  1. Preach!!! I'm my own worst enemy! And I def need to push myself to jump out of my comfort zone and not be afraid of failure! I'm with you!